Current Projects 

Many projects require the coordinated effort of individuals from different disciplines. The Plante lab is involved in several such projects. Collaborative projects are often among the most exciting research because those involved are exposed to new ideas, methods, and results that they would not have achieved on their own. Students benefit because their own research training is broadened by these cross-disciplinary interactions.


This lab has active collaborations with other researchers on this campus and at other institutions. These include:

Mary Alt, Ph.D. University of Arizona, Speech, Lang. & Hearing Sci.
Arve Asbjørnsen, Ph.D., University of Bergen, Psychology
LouAnn Gerken, Ph.D. University of Arizona, Cognitive Sciences, Psychology, Linguistics
Rebecca Gómez, Ph.D. University of Arizona, Psychology
Turid Hellend, Ph.D. University of Bergen, Psychology
Nancy Helm-Estabrooks, Ph.D. Western Carolina University
Scott Holland, Ph.D. Cincinnati Children’s Medical Center, Imaging Research Center
Gillian Hotz, Ph.D. University of Miami Medical Center
Nickola Wolf Nelson, Ph.D. Western Michigan University
Diane Patterson, Ph.D., University of Arizona, Speech, Lang. & Hearing Sci.
S.M. Hossein Sadrzadeh, Ph.D. University of Calgary
Manoj Saranathan, Ph.D. University of Arizona, Medical Imaging
Vince Schmithorst, Ph.D. Cincinnati Children's Medical Center, Imaging Research
Theodore Trouard, Ph.D. University of Arizona, Biomedical Engineering
Cyma Van Petten, Ph.D. SUNY Binghamton, Psychology

Links to Other Labs

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